About Me

I'm a little weird...in a good way.

April Wier Atlanta web design company Sugar Five Design

Who I Am

Hi, I'm April Wier. I like Iced Americanos, George Michael, and snuggling with my little man...not necessarily in that order. I run Sugar Five Design, a boutique web design and SEO strategy firm.  

What I Do

I help individuals and businesses become the best versions of themselves. This may come in the form of a new, or better, web site, or coaching to break through self-imposed limitations. I specialize in helping high-performers reach their goals online. 

I am heavily involved in Atlanta WordPress community. I am a co-organizer of a local WordPress Meetup and am a former organizer for WordCamp Atlanta. I manage a team of talented thinkers and makers who are ready to make your digital dreams come true. 


What I Believe

  • I believe you have to be a little weird to be a high-performer. If you were like everyone else...you'd be like everyone else. How boring is that?
  • I believe that to perform at my peak, I must surround myself with others who are constantly improving themselves.
  • I believe in doing the best work possible given the limits of the scope of work and budget.
  • I believe that your web presence should reflect you and your audience, not my personal style. 
  • I believe in deadlines. Mine and yours.
  • I believe that a successful business relationship has many things in common with a healthy romance. First, the chemistry must be there. We have to be a good match with the spark of creativity. Second, there have to be reasonable boundaries and expectations. Thirdly, there must be mutual respect and value. If all of these things are in place, my business can love all over your business. 

Ready to find out more?

I'd love to speak with you to see how I can help you take it up a notch.